If you have a question about Streams or the Courses we provide, chances are someone has already asked the same question, have a look below at our frequently asked questions. If the answer is not there, then feel free to email us using our contact form.

Q. How much do the courses cost?

A. The Art of Hearing God and Understanding Dreams & Visions courses are priced at £86 and £70 (concessions) as long as you book and pay in full at least 10 days before the start of the course. After that the price for online booking or just arriving on the first night will be £101 and £85. The Advanced Workshop in Dreams & Visions costs £97.50 and £82.50 (concessions) for bookings in advance and £112.50 and £97.50 (concessions) at-the-door. Developing Your Prophetic Gift course costs £28 in advance or £35 at-the-door (currentlythere are no concession rates for this course)

Q. Who qualifies for concession rates?

A. To be able to attend our courses at the 'concession' rates you must be either a) a full-time student or b) reliant on state benefits, as your only source of income and be prepared to show evidence of that to secure the concessionary rate.

Q. What does the cost cover?

A. The price you pay for the course includes: all the teaching costs, any course notebooks that are needed, hire of the premises, refreshments throughout the duration of the course but not meals or accommodation.

Q. Is there anything the price of the course doesn’t include?

A. Meals and any accommodation are not included in the course unless indicated otherwise.

Q. What’s the timings for the course?

A. All main courses start on a Thursday evening at around 7pm or 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. There will then be teaching sessions in the morning, afternoon and evening on both the Friday and Saturday. Exact timings for each course may vary slightly so please check online for details.

Q. Do I need to attend every session?

A. The courses are designed to unfold and develop session by session. You will get the full benefit of the course by planning to be present for all sessions. We have removed the pre-requisite condition of having to complete the Art of Hearing God Course before taking Understanding Dreams and Visions.  We do however strongly recommend that you take the courses in that order as each course builds best on the principles and understanding of the previous one.

Q. Can I come back and do a course again?

A. Yes of course you can! As long as you bring the notebook from the first time you took a course, you can come back and take the course again for the 'Alumni rate'. If it's been a while since you took the course you may find that the course and notebooks have changed, if you'd find it useful you can purchase an updated course notebook from us - contact us for current prices

Q. Can I record the course?

A. No. You may not record the teaching that takes place on the course. On some courses it may be possible to purchase copies of CDs of John Paul Jackson teaching the course.

Q. Can I buy the course notebook for a friend?

A. No. Only people who have taken the course can have the notebooks. There are usually plenty of other teaching cds/dvds/books on sale that you can give to friends.

Q. Can I take the Advanced Workshop in Dreams & Visions before I do any of the other courses?

A. Unfortunately not.  The Advanced Dreams and Visions course would be of very little value to you without first taking Understanding Dreams and Visions.   The very best thing is to take all three courses in the order you see them as they build upon each other.   Take another look at the course descriptions to see content and purpose.  We explain this comprehensively within the teaching of the courses.

Q. Will the courses ever be run at a venue near me?

A. It is possible! If there’s no course near you advertised on our website contact us and we’ll see if it’s possible to make something work. It is a Streams value to support and strengthen local churches and our strong preference for establishing new courses is to be invited by a church leader.

Q. What if I have to cancel a booking?

A. We will invite you to take the next available course the same as the one you booked. Otherwise we will make a refund less a £20 cancellation fee. We try to keep the course fees as low as economically possible and we incur up-front costs that we cannot get refunded ourselves.

Q. What can I do to keep learning after my course?

A. There are a number of things we recommend:

a. Do your homework! Revise the course notes - you can never remember all that was taught on the course, the content is rich and there is a lot of it.

b. Do the exercises and reading assignments in your notebook, if possible with one or two others who have taken the course.

c. Join a mentoring group if there is one near you. Some of our teachers offer a mentoring group following the Art of Hearing God course; others have started "dream groups" to share and interpret dreams together. Enquire at our info email address.

d. Don't miss out on the Pastor interview. You may find a humble and considerate approach may offer you opportunities to serve in your local fellowship.