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The Institute for Spiritual Development (ISD) is an in-depth training program that exists to nurture individuals in the art of hearing God, dreams and visions, and the realms of the supernatural. We seek to mentor those with revelatory gifts so they might grow in deeper.

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This course will both go beyond the prophetic principles of the Art of Hearing God Course for those who have taken it and give some practical application to anyone who wants to continue to grow and develop revelatory ministry, especially the gift of prophecy.  It is helpful but not essential to take The Art of Hearing God course before this course but it is sufficiently flexible for that not to be a pre-requisite.

We now offer the course "Developing Your Prophetic Gift" in a convenient format, Friday evening and all day and evening Saturday.  The course has a gentle slope in for those exploring or aspiring to the prophetic gift but accellerates into a range of topics, simply explained and modelled and with exercises to cement the learning process and develop confidence, as in "Seek to excel in the gifts that build up the church" 1 Cor 14.  There are some thought provoking scriptures explored and explained and  stretching in the gift is assured, even for those with some previous experience.

If you are interested in hosting this course in your church, or for a group of churches please email us,  The cost of the course including a 40 page notebook, is £35 per person discounted to £28 for early payment. (Euro 40 and 32 respectively) 

These arre the topics covered in the course:

Intro - My sheep know my voice

The importance of New Testament prophecy

The Ephesians 4 gift

The nature, purpose and acquisition of spiritual gifts

Especially the gift of prophecy

Practical tips on giving and receiving prophetic words

The church environment and protocols

Weighing a word

                Most of these topics have a practical exercise relating to the teaching.