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 Scotland  Edinburgh - The Art of Hearing God

To be rescheduled early 2018

Registration to be announced




 Sweden - Advanced Workshop in Dream Interpretation,

11-13 October,  2018, Orebro 

This course will be taught in English

To register in Sweden  http://event.newwine.se





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Germany - Understanding Dreams ad Visions

8-11 August, Limburg

This course will be taught in English and translated into German

A German language course notebook will be supplied.

For  info and local registration in German http://www.cclm.de/dreams 


Scotland - Lossiemouth - in planning stages for early October.





Limitless Online Course 

As soon as we hear the word 'creativity', we often step aside and open the door for 'arty' people. 
But God planted a creative DNA in every single one of us; the Bible resounds with proof. Through Joseph and Daniel, David and Solomon, genius was evident that we have grown to know and respect. However, what we may not realise is this genius fully activated their God-given creative DNA. We have lost the understanding of what this is, it was gifted to us to use as a glorious weapon—a firepower so that God's people could excel to help a world that so desperately needs the creative ideas and solutions of heaven. 
If you believe you were created by God...this course is for you! 

Click Here to Sign up & Here for more Information


Our blog from the president of Stream Ministries John Thomas

The latest is entitled:

Gates of Heaven: Encountering God in Your Dreams


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